How to do math in your head

When doing math and you are Working with fractions and you’re using the head, it’s not easy and can be a difficult task to many people. In a minute you will learn the most basic concept of using head when doing math to make working with any math problem much simpler. The Head when doing method is always going across or working vertically.

To begin here is a basic method that makes subtracting any numbers from 100, 1000, 10, 000, 100, 000 and so on extremely simple to do in your head and almost impossible to make a mistake. This formula is simply to subtract all the numbers from 9 and the last from 10.

Example: 1000 – 777 = you will work across and the first 7 from 9 is 2, the second 7 from 9 is 2 and the last 7 from 10 is 3 so your answer is 223. 1000 – 357 = you will take each number from 9 and the last from 10. 9 – 3 = 6, 9 – 5 = 4, 10 – 7 = 3 so the answer is 643.

Increase your Motivation to increase your ability to do maths in your head

While you find yourself feeling unmotivated, communicate through your plans to yourself. Whilst you try this you’re reconnecting with the motivation and exhilaration you felt whilst you put your plan collectively and your brain will literally remember the fact that high quality country.

As you’re talking to yourself, it can help if you sit up or stand up with your head up and a smile on your face. A simple technique for multiplying using the ‘vertically and crosswise’ method and with this there is no need to know any multiplication tables higher than five times five. To do multiplication you will work across and then down or vertically. Ten is the base for the first number of the sum meaning how far away the numbers you are multiplying are from ten and then these answers are multiplied to get the second number of the sum.

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This is easier to do that forcing yourself to cheer up, or recite lots of positive affirmations. when you’re feeling down, forcing yourself to trade you mental nation can feel like pushing a large rock up a large hill! It’s higher to go with the flow and take another less complicated direction spherical the problem.

You can apply this technique to others as well – cheer them up by getting them to talk about something they really enjoy and/or they are passionate about.

Read math’s faster

There’s been a lot written about speed reading. It can help you to increase the rate at which you learn new information.What I find is that a lot of books contain pages where there’s relatively little new information. I just want to get the gist of what’s being said to make sure I’m not missing anything.

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