Increase Typing Speed and Accuracy

It turns out that the typing form can be one of the most important determinants of the finite speed and efficiency of printing. The most effective method of typing is called “touching” the input. When you press the keyboard, your hands are placed over the keyboard with your fingers in a certain formation. The position of each key on the keyboard is memorized, and the text input is smooth and without the need to constantly look at the keyboard. The keyboard input keys have become standardized, so the keys are always organized in a certain way – perhaps, providing maximum efficiency. I say, perhaps, because there are schools of thought that insist that there are actually more effective ways of organizing the keyboard. Nevertheless, these schools of thought did not prevail, and the current keyboard, which you see almost on all keyboards today in one form or another, took over and became the ubiquitous standard.

Standardization occurred for a very important reason. Consider the vast amount of information available in books, libraries and the Internet. All this information was collected by an army of skilled typists. Standardized computer keyboards allowed to mechanize the input process, which led to incredible advances in speed and efficiency of input.

Touch Typing Technique

The old input method (and, unfortunately, the method that is still used everywhere) is the methodology of “hunt and putter” keyboard. This is a very tedious and inefficient method of typing. People who use this style of typing are either incapable, or rather do not want to waste time memorizing the position of the keys on the keyboard and applying standard finger positioning methods. If you are not a person who really interacts with the keyboard once or twice a year, you will profit from efficiency that can be generated by memorizing the keyboard and touch input.

Speed Dial Checklist

In addition to learning the type of “touch”, many people find that they can gradually increase the speed of typing with a combination of:

1. Maintaining the correct posture of the text: this means that you sit straight with elbows on the sides and fingers that do not soar above and without pressing, but gently lean on the keys in the standard position of the finger – more on this below.

2. Make sure that the keyboard is at the correct height. Most tables and keyboard trays are installed at standard height. Keep in mind that if you are shorter or above average, you will need to adjust your chair to establish a comfortable positioning.

3. Type the text with a subtle type, with fingers gently resting on the keyboard.

4. Refuse to overwork. Take periodic respites from your typification. Hooking the keyboard to a continuous typing clock will cause problems and fatigue and will make you less productive in the long run.

5. By controlling the speed and accuracy of the input, often returning to one of the free text entry tests on the Internet, motivates you to higher levels of speed and accuracy, as you see the results of your efforts.



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