Running Speed

How to increase the speed of running is different distances and rates that will lead you out of the comfort zone and make your body adapt. Doing
the same step week after week makes you very effective at this rate, but not
necessarily when running faster. Increasing the speed of work requires a weekly work so that your body is forced to cope with new requirements.

You run faster because your heart becomes stronger, your cardiovascular system becomes more efficient, and your muscles are better able to function fully. Net, net, you will learn to run fast and enjoy even more.

Below are four types of workouts on tracks that will increase your speed. Make sure that you run with a tempo that is uncomfortable, and shorten the recovery time. These intervals will quickly improve your foot and make you quick on time.

Strides are a great way to start every speed training. Run the
intervals in 15 seconds quickly, and then for 45 seconds. You can
run right in your path, go back and repeat. You do not run
away, you work at a controlled speed. They are very effective when your body is used for fast running, so your muscles and nervous system are forced to adjust and strengthen.

The repetition is 12 x 400 m. It’s great when you start playing at speed, because they are not too far away. Running mile repeats are very taxed, so it’s better to start from a shorter distance, for example, 400 M (1 round). Preheat,
then run 12 x 400 meters with a 30 second recovery. In the same way as with the steps, you will achieve recovery in just 15 seconds. Your
target speed is a steady tempo of 5 K.

6 x 800 m. Repeats 800 – legendary; Many
runners start at 6 and add several times a week. The idea is that you can predict your time of the marathon based on your 800 time. If
you run your 800 in 4 minutes, your marathon time will be 4 hours. After
you have warmed up, perform 6 x 800-meter repeats with a 1-minute recovery. You can reduce the recovery time, because you feel stronger. The 800th will be at your 5-K pace.

The key is simply not to ignore your legs in your training. Teach them and teach them correctly. Keep them healthy and supple. Use the progression of strength and stay consistent.

What you will soon find, most likely within a few days, is that you all suddenly run faster, moving much faster and impressing your teammates to such an extent that they think that you somehow “deceive” »! All
because you did not ignore one of the main missing items in your quest to
increase the speed of the traffic.

So, to repeat all this, do not ignore your legs when it comes to everything faster and faster. They are just as important as anything you are going to train for everyone, if your sports goals are.

3 x 1
Mile Repeats Miles are repeated, so you only need three. After
you have warmed up, perform 3 x 1600-meter repeats in 5 K steps. Gradually
reduce the recovery time between the intervals, starting from 2 minutes.

To increase the speed of work, you need to go to the track once or twice a week and perform speed intervals.

I would start with the 400s, believe me, the 800th or 1-mile speed is too far in
the beginning … so start from a short distance and create.



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